Denton African American Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

The goal of the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation is to make college a reality for youth of African American descent.

Because of continued reductions in state funding, many colleges and universities are forced to increase tuition costs.  These increases are frequent and can range from 2% to 5% each semester.  State supported institutions of higher education can no longer designate scholarships for minorities; therefore, making it more important that our community through this Foundation lessens the financial burden attending college may create for some youth and their families.

The Scholarship Foundation seeks funding for scholarships via an annual letter writing campaign, announcements in local churches, and donations from individuals familiar with the scholarship. The Foundation receives contributions year round.  Contributions made to the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation are tax deductible.

Scholarships are awarded at a joint “Celebrating Scholarship” program hosted by the Scholarship Committee and the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation.

mission and vision

The Denton African American Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to establishing a perpetual monetary foundation for the furtherance of Post-Secondary Education for eligible students.

​The Foundation seeks to provide scholarships for eligible students preparing them as leaders for tomorrow.   Change agents for a Global society.

Sam Kromstain
Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are represented in Washington.




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