About the DAASF Scholarship Program

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  The Denton African American Scholarship program  began in the early 1980s with one award of $250.00.  This award was the result of contributions from individuals interested in promoting post-secondary educational opportunities for Denton ISD’s graduating African American students.  This initiative was the brainchild of Dr. Euline Brock and Ms. Franciel Morgan. 

     Not to be discouraged, these women continued their efforts of awarding scholarships relying solely on the contributions generated through a letter writing campaign.  As the number of applicants for the scholarship began to increase, Brock and Morgan established a Scholarship Committee comprised of community volunteers.   

​In the mid-1990s, Dr. Brock completed the process for establishing the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation, Inc., which now oversees the scholarship committee and its volunteers.  The scholarship committee coordinates with Denton ISD’s director of counseling services to determine points of contact among counselors at each of Denton ISD’s high schools. 

     Applications are submitted to the identified high school counselor paired with information on students who may be eligible for consideration.  Students typically have four (4) weeks to respond to the application process and submit their completed applications electronically to the committee.

     Students’ applications are reviewed for completeness, minimum grade point average (GPA), and number of semesters a student has been enrolled in Denton ISD schools.  In addition to basic application questions, students are asked to respond to an essay question and provide references that support their position on the topic.  Students who meet all criteria are invited to an interview with the scholarship committee.  Their applications including the interview are rated using a rubric.  All member scores are totaled and averaged as a means of helping to identify, in an objective manner, students who will receive scholarships. 

     To date the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation, Inc. has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships.